Portland Beard Company Phoenix Beard Oil

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The scent of victory. For the most masculine of men who cannot be tied down; the man who is always reinventing himself as a higher form of chiseled excellence. Dust off that ash and get back to winning, Sir.

Phoenix is made using Argan, Meadowfoam and other essential oils, which keep your beard healthy and strong.

What makes our Beard Oil so effective?  Argan oil contains exceptionally high levels of vitamin E, which nourishes, hydrates, softens and smoothes your beard. Even if your beard is out of control, our beard oil will tame the fuzzy hair making it easier to groom and style your beard without a greasy feel.

We pride ourselves in supporting the local market by making and bottling our beard oil in Oregon. Portland Beard Company is proud to produce a beard product that truly helps your beard stay healthy.

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