Mitch Miller- Jan. 9th, 2017

Hi y’all, I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your products. I was given a couple of your beard oils for Christmas and holy cow!!! They’re amazing! Thank you for an amazing product. Would you be willing to send some samples, promotional products or some swag to show off? I would greatly appreciate it if you could. I have a few Army friends over seas that I would love to send a couple samples to. Thank you and have a great one. 


Eric E.
January 18 at 3:41pm
I am new to the beard oil care system but since being introduced to it by my son Bacon,I have used it daily since Christmas and my mustache has become soft,stopped breakin and isn’t getting knotted!! I absolutely love it and will continue to use it!! Thanx Portland Beard Company! Eric (grandpa bacon) Erickson


Drew H.
Jan 30th, 4:12pm
Got my package today, got the first bottle on Amazon and over paid, opened the package to find a koozie and and a card that said veteran owned business, being a veteran I’m sorry I strayed! I’ll only buy from the source from now on! Keep up the good work! You guys rock and have a customer for life!


Hey!  My order arrived today, took them out of the box, gave them all a whiff (except Timber, which I’ve had) and man, totally blown away.  If they work with my body chemistry as well as Timber I know me and the old lady are both going to be happy!  She refers to Timber as Chica Panty Dropper, Latina’s, what are you gonna do?  I’m totally pleased with the beard oils and the 2 bonus coozies are bitchin’!  You have no idea how we would have argued over who gets to drink beer out of just one!  Thanks for the freebies!  Much appreciated!  I’ll be reaching out as the bottles empty!

Keep on doing what you do!


Just wanted to tell you that I love the oil and the hat fit perfectly and nice quality the service and shipping was

Awesome super fast Thank you,


I received my Shuler oil a few weeks ago. I just retired a year ago, now able to grow out my beard after working in outside sales for ever. Both business would not let me grow my beard, I have gray hair and beard.  The gray beard is really hard to manage your beard oil does the job you said it would.  I do find I need more than just a few drops , will be ordering more of this stuff really works great for me.

PS , next time will order more instead of 1 bottle.

Thank You,

Dave C.

To the beard oil alchemists at Portland Beard Oil Company,

Hello. I recently purchased a bottle of Shuler Signature Beard Oil from PBC last week and received it on Friday. I had communication between Paris ( I was being a little too over-zealous and a tad impatient regarding the order ).

I’m not sure if you get many emails ( which you should ) regarding your product(s) but I have to say that, ” Damn, this stuff A W E S O M E ! ! ! ! ! “

I have been growing a beard for many, many years but have decided that I want it to rocket into the ” Epic Beard Arena ” so I joined the facebook Portland Beardsmen group and then saw your ad on there. I also read a great product review here:  http://forbeardsake.com/sweet-beard-products/

I have NEVER tried a beard oil before. I tried it Saturday and holy shit it was like black-fucking-magic or something. I still can’t believe how soft, manageable and workable it makes my beard. It even makes it look fuller in density…ALL w/o leaving and residue! The light citrus sent is pleasing as well.

Anyways, enough of me yammering, I just wanted to say thank you for making such an awesome product that does what it says it will do AND more!! Please stay in business forever!

Thank you,